Want to deactivate Kik or delete your Kik account for g d?

Want to deactivate Kik or delete your Kik account for g d?<

Here’s just how to deactivate Kik temporarily or forever in just a minute.

Kik is really a popular messaging application for Android and iOS, however it isn’t for everybody. So, if its appeal has faded for you, it may be time and energy to delete or deactivate your Kik account.

This might be because none of your friends make use of it any more, or since you’re a parent and want to delete your teenager’s account over privacy issues.

Whatever your reasons, here is how to delete Kik forever or deactivate your Kik account temporarily.

How to Deactivate Kik Temporarily

If you don’t desire to forever delete your Kik account, you’ll take the less intensive option and deactivate it. Be sure you understand what Kik is before resorting to the, however.

Since it turns out, Kik doesn’t let you deactivate or delete your account through its mobile app. You will have to do this through its web site, though you can travel to the website on your own phone or using a computer, according to your preferences.

To begin, visit the Kik account deactivation help http://www.datingmentor.org/single-women-dating-san-antonio-texas/ page for some information. This explains that deactivating your profile shall cause the following

  • You won’t receive any Kik messages or email messages regarding the account.
  • People cannot search for your Kik username.
  • Your name will disappear completely in the contact listings of the you have talked to.

If you improve your brain after deactivating your Kik profile, you’ll reactivate it by signing back in as normal. You may need your password to do this. As you have access to your email account if you need to reset it, you can do so as long.

To temporarily deactivate your Kik account, head to Kik’s deactivation web page [Broken URL Removed]. You’ll need to enter the e-mail target connected with your account. Kik will then deliver you a web link to deactivate your profile. Follow this to perform the deactivation.

How to Delete Your Kik Account Permanently

Like temporary deactivation, you have to delete your Kik profile through the website portal. We recommend reviewing the given informative data on Kik’s account removal assistance page so that you understand what this does first.

Whenever you delete your Kik profile

  • Your profile is no longer accessible, and you can never recover it.
  • You will not get any longer Kik messages or emails through the group.
  • No one can search your username on Kik.
  • After a small amount of time, your profile are deleted for folks you have talked to.

If you should be certain you want to permanently delete your Kik account, start the Kik permanent removal web page and enter your username and email, and explain why you’re making. Make sure you want to do this, and click Go to delete it.

We suggest copying any messages that are important achieving this, as you’ll lose them forever. Additionally, remember that people you’ve chatted with will more than likely still be capable see your profile for the days that are few because it’s cached on the device. This will expire eventually.

New Messaging Apps to test After Deleting Kik

Thanks to this article you ought to now learn how to delete your Kik account. It isn’t tough, but you should be sure you actually want to take this task before doing this. When you have deactivated or deleted Kik, uninstall the app simply from your own phone to totally remove Kik from your life.

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