Gender and Sexual Orientation Identity Definitions and FAQ

Gender and Sexual Orientation Identity Definitions and FAQ

The information on this web page is influenced by other web sites with glossaries and FAQs. It ought to be noted that lots of LGBTQ+ terms do not have alignment that is complete might have various definitions and nuance in numerous communities. This is certainly a glossary of terms with some broadly accepted definitions.

The reason why for developing a Gender and Sexual Orientation Identity web page into the GitLab handb k

  1. Numerous businesses, such as the HRC, have actually placed thought that is careful work into just how these delicate ideas are explained with clarity, fairness, and respect. At GitLab we have to leverage this work.
  2. Including it as readable content as opposed to directing to a website that is new these details is searchable inside the handb k for those who are searching for responses along with making parts straight linkable from somewhere else within the handb k, in dilemmas, slack, etc.
  3. GitLab has employees from about the world, where in fact the language utilized could be different. This provides all workers the chance to establish a standard language framework to aid produce a healthier, supportive, and environment that is inclusive.

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Sex identity

An individual’s interior perception of these very own sex plus the terms they normally use to label on their own. An individual may determine as a lady, or a person, a blend regarding the two (keep reading for more details about this), or neither. An individual’s sex identification might or might not be exactly like their sex assigned at birth.

Inside our HRIS (Human Resource Information System) Bamb HR, we now have two self-identification areas linked to Gender, which we ask all of us members to accomplish throughout the process that is onboarding even though it is totally optional. We now have one Gender field with just two choices. This industry is just a default industry into the HRIS and it is perhaps not comprehensive because of the fact it is mainly useful for mandatory government reports and information classification.

At GitLab, we possess the extra Other Gender Options industry, which presently features a true amount of alternatives for all of us users to select if you’d like to. If you want an option that is additional, please contact our DIB group at diversityinclusionagitlab . We have been clear within our leads to our anonymous identification information.

Gender phrase

An individual’s outside display of the sex identification through clothes, gr ming, behavior, etc. Gender phrase commonly falls for a range between feminine, androgynous, and masculine.


Cisgender or cis, relates to an individual whoever sex identification and/or expression generally aligns utilizing the typical objectives of these intercourse assigned at birth.


Transgender or «trans», is definitely an umbrella term for folks whoever gender identification and/or phrase generally varies from typical objectives of these intercourse assigned at delivery. For instance, along side trans males and trans ladies, individuals who identify genderqueer, non-binary, or genderfluid could be additionally recognized as transgender. Transgender people may or may well not elect to alter their health hormonally and/or surgically.

There are numerous individuals who decide to socially determine as transgender, or «trans» and it is a part that is big of these are typically. Many individuals are transgender and ch se to help keep it concealed, they feel most comfortable with as they want to be known as the gender.

Some individuals could be visibly transgender. It is necessary you don’t deal with them because of the sex and pronouns you might think these are typically according to appearance. If you’re unsure, make use of gender-neutral pronouns (they/them).

Trans man

An identification that describes a man who was simply assigned a gender that is female delivery. The definition of transgender that is female-to-male abbreviated as FTM or F2M, can also be employed by some transgender people.

Trans girl

An identification that describes a lady who had been assigned a male gender at birth. The word transgender that is male-to-female abbreviated as MTF or M2F, can be utilized by some transgender individuals.


Genderqueer is definitely an umbrella term to gender identities that change from the binary identities of male and female, including sex non-conforming and non-binary identities. Those who identify as genderqueer could see by themselves as a mixture of both male and female, neither male nor female, various genders at differing times or as no gender that is specific all.

There is an overlap between genderqueer, gender non-conforming, non-binary, and genderfluid, however they are perhaps not interchangeable terms. You should not make use of these terms to some body unless they will have self-identified utilizing the term(s).

Genderqueer, sex non-conforming, non-binary, and genderfluid individuals may or might not identify as lesbian, homosexual, bisexual, transgender, or queer.

Sex non-conforming (GNC)

Gender non-conforming is an umbrella term for sex identities and expressions that do not adapt to gender that is typical and falls away from or perhaps in between your womanly and masculine binary.


Non-binary relates to gender identities except that the traditional male and female»binary» identities.


Genderfluid is really a gender identification where somebody views by themselves as male, female, or non-binary at differing times or under different circumstances. Many people ch se to express various edges of by themselves based on who they really are with or where they’ve been.

Transitioning or transition

Gender change is a procedure of changing to align more closely with an individual’s sex identity. It isn’t a event that is one-time involves many steps as time passes to improve social, medical, and/or appropriate areas of a person’s life such as for example name, l k, and pronouns. Transitioning can involve speaking with buddies, household, and colleagues, changing appropriate and medical documents, and/or medical intervention such as for instance using hormones or undergoing surgeries. You need to realize that not everybody who transitions ch ses to improve their body plus some social individuals may want to alter some areas of their human body yet not other people to be able to feel safe within on their own.

Gender dysphoria

Gender dysphoria is just a diagnosis that is clinical the United states Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical handb k of Mental Disorders (DSM) that refers to undue discomfort and stress skilled whenever a man or woman’s gender assigned at birth is significantly diffent from their sex identity.

Intimate orientation

The enduring pattern of psychological, romantic, and/or intimate attraction (or not enough attraction) to many other individuals. Intimate orientation is an inherent, unchanging characteristic (for example. not really a choice or a selection.) People do alter the way they describe Discover More Here and/or understand their very own orientation that is sexual.

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